Barbie Jeep Racing Down Virginia International Raceway Looks Like Way Too Much Fun

Barbie Jeep Racing is perhaps the most pure, good form of four-wheel racing on the planet. Put adults on de-powered kids’ toys, and let gravity do the rest. It usually leads to epic off-road downhill wipe-outs, but at this year’s Hyperfest, Barbie Jeep racers had to stay on Virginia International Raceway’s pavement.

This Burnout Champion Brown Holden Ute Is Australia's New King Of The Hoons

Try as we might, we just can’t seem to out-hoon the continent that gave us the word “hoon.” Australia opens every year with perhaps the most glorious spectacle in roasted tires: Summernats. This year’s burnout contest winner is pure Jalop bait, too. It’s a Holden ute that’s even louder than it is brown—and it is…