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Feb 29

I visited my doctor today to understand why I can’t stop thinking about the second-generation Oldsmobile Bravada. “It’s just a Chevy Blazer,” I told her, “This makes no sense!” When she asked what I though might be the cause of my ailment, I guessed that perhaps it’s the trusty and torquey 4.3-liter V6 luring me in.N

Jul 13 2016

This hacked-up 2002 Chevy Blazer (5-speed!) is for sale on Craigslist in Ohio. It’s been converted to a pickup, there’s a porthole window on the giant B-pillar, and the front end has a ‘50s sedan look to it. Top it off with chocolate brown paint, and you’ve got a very “special” vehicle—and all for only $900!

Feb 6 2011
1970 GMC Jimmy

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