This Insane Loan Term On A Used Porsche Shows That Even Rich People Can Be Dumb At Math

Itā€™s easy to get on your high horse and look down on people who have found themselves in a tough financial spot because they didnā€™t do the math before they bought their car, or because they need a car so badly they had to take on a rough deal. But this loan term on a six-figure Porsche Cayman GT4 reveals that moneyā€¦

Just Because You're Bad At Math Doesn't Necessarily Mean The Dealer Is Ripping You Off

The mathematical skills of the American population are, for the most part, pretty poor. Dealerships and lenders will often use this as an opportunity to take advantage of people, but sometimes the opposite happens when someone with bad math skills walks away from a good deal because they donā€™t understand how theā€¦