American Airlines Will Start Serving Free Booze On Flights From Chicago To New York

Despite “free” and “airlines” rarely belonging in the same sentence, American Airlines will start serving free beer and wine on certain flights from Chicago to New York in April. Of course, “free” is an illusion to make us think corporations are less terrible than they really are, and we’re paying for it somehow.

Passenger Taped To Seat After Reportedly Trying To Rush Plane Cockpit With Blanket On His Head

In an industry full of misbehaving employees lately, a passenger was actually to blame for a recent airline commotion. According to reports, a “disheveled” man tried to rush a cockpit with a blanket on his head on Friday. Military planes had to escort the flight to its destination and the passenger was taped to a seat.

American Airlines Employee Allegedly Hit Woman With Stroller, Challenged Passenger To 'Hit Me' (Updated)

Just two weeks after terrifying video of a bloodied United Airlines passenger who was violently kicked off a flight for refusing to give up his seat went viral, another video has emerged showing an American Airlines employee challenging a passenger to hit him after a woman holding a baby was allegedly hit with her…

Jeremy Clarkson Threatens To Kill American Airlines Over Lost Bag [UPDATE: AA Responds, Clarkson Got His Bag]

Full-time gin-soaked British flamethrower and occasional Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson is known for his strong opinions about nearly everything. He has no filter, and when he feels like he's been wronged in some way he reacts by venting his spleen, pancreas, liver, lungs, and whatever organs he has left in the…