Switzerland has become the first country outside the US to ban the sale of cheating Volkswagen diesels.


The US ban is in two parts — VW imposed its own stop sale on 2015 models last weekend while the EPA refused the approval of 2016 model diesels for sale, as David Shepardson of the Detroit News reports.

The Swiss ban is also somewhat complicated, as the Associated Press reports. The ban affects all cars that were approved under the previous Euro 5 emissions standards. As of this year, European cars must now comply with stricter Euro 6 standards. Not that these dirty diesels meet the Euro 6 regulations, but whatever.

The Swiss ban, issued by the country’s federal office of roadways, only affects cars that have not yet been purchased or registered.

Even with these caveats, the Swiss expect 180,000 cars (with both 2.0 liter and 1.6 liter engines) will fall under the ban.


Photo Credit: VW Switzerland

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