Swamp Buggy Fights Zombiepocalypse On A Budget

Illustration for article titled Swamp Buggy Fights Zombiepocalypse On A Budget

This swamp buggy is the slightly scaled-down version of the Critter Gitter, the luxury hunting vehicle featured last month. A little less fancy, sure, but we think it's still an effective Zombiepocalypse survival vehicle for those on a tighter budget.


Last month we took a look at the Critter Gitter; a $340,000 500 horsepower hunting buggy we dubbed our ultimate Zombiepocalypse survival vehicle. The Critter Gitter is truly a vehicle over the top in every way, especially price. In contrast, this swamp buggy found on eBay can be had for over $300,000 less.

We at Jalopnik understand that in these tough economic times every dollar counts. This slightly smaller hunting buggy currently on eBay provides you with almost all of the Zombie killing potential of the Critter Gitter without the frills or the catchy name. These savings are clearly passed on to you.

Still quite huge, this hunting buggy features a 400 hp engine and a nitrous kit good for another 150 horsepower. You'll have no problem catching up with or running away from anything you desire. According to the listing, this buggy is covered front to back in diamond plate, powder coat or stainless steel. At an asking price of $35,000, it's a relative steal, and you'll have plenty of cash left over to install a wet bar.




These things are untested, I'll take a Uni any day, I know its going to get me through....