Suzuki Q-Concept: Like a diaphragm, only smaller

Most automakers want to design a smart city car for the world that isn't the lame Smart car. The Q-Concept tandem two-seater EV is Suzuki's attempt. Please ignore that it looks like a rolling contraceptive device built for two.

Despite their troubles in the U.S., Suzuki has a great reputation elsewhere for building popular small cars like the Wagon.R, which is a perennial best-seller in Japan.


Their solution to a growing population in need of shrinking cars is the Q-Concept. At just 2.5-meters long with a tandem layout it's somewhere between a motorcycle and a car, although you'll never look tough driving one.

Clever packaging means someone can drive it with a single seat up front and the option of a single seat, two-person child seat, or cargo area in the rear.

Because this seems like a horrifying vehicle to take onto the highway, this electric vehicle is more focused on a green future where we all live in compact areas. You know. Hitting the G-spot.


Photo credit: AP

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