A recent survey by the Nationwide insurance company has shown some surprising results in regards to cell phone usage among Americans.

  • 80% of cell phone owners talk while driving
  • 40% of cell phone owners between 16 and 30 text message while driving
  • 60% of teens use cell phones while driving
  • 65% of baby boomers between 45 and 61 use cell phones while driving
  • 78% of users between 18 and 30 use cell phones while driving
  • 80% of users between 31 and 44 use cell phones while driving.

The report cites some of the strict usage laws as the reason the teenagers are the lowest cell phone users while driving. The survey also cites American's need and pressure to always stay in touch as the reason behind these high numbers. You know what should be done to curtail this problem?

People should be videotaped while talking on their phones while driving, both to show how it impacts their driving and how big of a douchebag they look like gabbing on their pink RAZR while their Tahoe hugs two lanes. [Breitbart via CG] {Image via Getty)