An illegal street race between a Lamborghini Murcielago and several Ferraris in southern Germany turned fatal yesterday, when the Lamborghini crashed and burned.

The Murcielago veered off the road, slammed into an embankment, lifted into the air, and bounced back onto the highway from which it came, whereupon it burst into flames, according to

The two occupants inside, a couple, were killed in the ensuing conflagration, according to Bild (warning, you can see pictures of the wreck at that link. It's just pictures of a flaming and burned-out shell of a Lamborghini, but two people did die in it).


They left behind a child.

This is why street racing isn't just illegal, it's horrible, it kills, and it leaves behind loved ones.

Don't do it.

H/t to Kai!

Photo credit: Paul Cook