Super Successful World Renowned Automaker Marussia Appears To Be Gone

The world's most successful and well known automaker, Marussia, appears to have ceased operations. It sounds impossible, I know, but it seems to be true. How can this happen? HOW CAN THIS BE?

The report comes from R-Sport in Russia, which says that the Marussia F1 Team, which is Formula One's most storied and successful operation, has been sold to a new company called "Marussia Communications Limited." This is a company that is not related to the legendary and ultra successful automaker which makes the B1 and B2, supercars that are amazingly popular and obviously totally real.


The report says that Marussia's staff has "left the company en masse and joined a government-run technical institute." Thankfully, this won't impact Formula One's most legendary team too much, as it has been financially separate from the automaking arm for some time.

via Motorsports Talk

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