Sporting front-wheel drive and a sort of over-under transmission, we remember the Dodge Colt and Plymouth Champs as cars that defied their diminutive size with a measure of both performance and economy. A throw lever next to the standard shifter offered additional motoring flexibility by way of hi-low ratio for each gear, effectively turning the four-speed into an eight-speed. Push the lever forward? Power! Pulling it back returned economy. Dodge Colts and Plymouth Champs of this era were in reality cleverly rebadged Mitsubishi Colts, which were sold as Mirages in Japan. This particular Champ seems to have survived remarkably well given it has evidently super shifted all of its 45K miles in central New Jersey.

1979 Plymouth Champ [eBay]

Mitsubishi Colt Ralliart Version-R; SUPER DURABILITY! Mitsubishi Lancer, The Elder


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