Those zany French electric-supercar builders, Venturi unveiled the newest incarnation of its EV for gearheads, the F tish roadster. The current (heh heh) model sports 31 li-ion batteries, which give it a range of between 100 and 155 miles, depending on the weight of one's foot. The cells can be charged in three to four hours, making it convenient for commuting to places with long extension cords handy. Alongside the F tish, Venturi unveiled two new models, the One, an EV roadster that can draw power from the sun and wind (seriously), and the Eclectic, a weird open box van with a range of 44 miles. Plans are in the works to build the vehicles for series production, with the One priced at around $30,000. [Gallery]

Avant le Fetish: Venturi to Show Electric-Supercar Precursors in Paris [internal]

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