Super Bowl Ad Breakdown: Who's Buying?

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So the Super Bowl is upon us, our Detroit friends are marvelling that there are actually people milling about downtown (we wonder how much the world's most ghetto Ramada is charging right about now?), and the mania's in full effect. But you know, nobody really cares about the Buffalo Bills and the St. Louis Rams, anyway. What they really want are the commercials. So who in the auto world is plunking down the scrill for mad exposure?

Cadillac, Ford, and Toyota. And it's an even split between hybrids and SUVs: Cad's plugging the new 'Slade, while Toyota will apparently make some sort of awkward multi-culti Spanglish analogy featuring its new Camry Hybrid, and Ford straddles the fence by having Kermit shill for the Escape Hybrid. See? Now who cares if the Bears win? Go out and get some fresh air or go for a drive. The roads'll be empty.


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