The 911 Was Actually Porsche's Best Selling Car In October

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It seems that for one month all was right in the world of automotive sales. In October, Porsche's super popular Cayenne SUV and even more affordable Macan crossover could not outsell the iconic 911 Carrera sports car.


Tim Cain from The Truth About Cars reports that the 911 is on pace to surpass last year's record sales. Given the steady 6 percent increase in sales the 911 should surpass 10,500 units this year. The last time the 911 outsold the Cayenne was in 2012 and that was due to low inventories of the SUV.

But don't expect the sports car to maintain the sales title for the brand for much longer. An updated Cayenne is hitting showrooms this month; that means inventories low and buyers are holding out for the new model.

Porsche also seems to be bucking the trend of slow sports car sales. Which the exception of the Corvette that occupies a completely different price bracket, the 911 is finding more buyers than the competition in the $100,000 sports car segment.

As for rivals, the 911's direct opponents are difficult to define, so broad is its range. Chevrolet sold 2959 Corvettes in October, yes, but the all-American is a much more affordable car. BMW's 6-Series range, sedan included, was down 20% to 740. Mercedes-Benz SL sales fell 33% to 347. Jaguar sold 342 F-Types, a 3% drop. BMw sold 204 i8s. Nissan sold 140 GT-Rs, a 26% jump. Dodge Viper volume was up 16% to 80. Audi R8 sales slid 38% to 40 units.

All of this just goes to reinforce that despite the controversial switch to electronic steering, and the loss of a manual trans option on the Turbo and GT3 variants, the 911 remains the default sports car for those that can afford one.

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