The sneaky car-spies at KGP have nabbed shots of what they claim to be a rally-style Subaru WRX STI Spec C testing on the Nurburgring, deep in the hinterlands of Germany. The stripped down Subie will feature only the bare essentials in an effort to save weight and go fast. Early word pegs the bottom line at 150-200 pounds lighter than the current STI. We're also told the car will get beefier brakes, engine enhancements and a redesigned rear diffuser. Full spy report and more photos below.

Subaru has begun testing its WRX STi Spec C — a rally-inspired take on the WRX that should put it on top of the WRX performance pecking order. The spec C promises to be the most extreme, stripped-down WRX variant, with lighter weight construction likely shedding 150-200 pounds. Engine upgrades are expected, as is a higher-performance braking system hiding behind the spec C's trademark white-painted wheels. Visually, there are subtle differences between the Spec C and standard STi models, most notably the redesigned rear diffuser.


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