Those missing the RWD Celica's of yore can take hold of some gossip based on a rumor about the dead coupe getting revived with some mechanicals from the Subie parts bin. Going chronologically, the exciting gossip last August was that Toyota was going to use its new stake in Fuji Heavy Industries (Subaru) to help it build a small RWD Coupe, which everyone took to mean a new Toyota Corolla AE86. Now has it that the rumored AE86 might be a suspected Celica.

The speculation points to the next generation Celica being produced by Subaru and coming in two versions: Celica GT and GT-4. Both will get the 2.0-liter boxer out of the WRX, with the GT-4 getting the 300 horsepower version of out of the STI and four-wheel drive (with in-wheel electric motors, if you can believe that). If rumor is to be believed, the new Celica will come in coupe and three-door hatchback form. Where it's sold, what it costs and when it debuts is all a matter of intuition and random guessing at this point. [ via World Car Fans]
(Photo of the FT-HS Concept)