Subaru Forester Washed In Sexy Sumo Sudsfest

Oh yeah, just like that, wash that hot new 2009 Subaru Forester you bad, bad sumo wrestlers. In an effort to appeal to the target demographic of the Forester, Subie has seen fit to run a gag ad taking the classic "hot chicks washing a car in skimpy clothes" theme in all new mawashi wearing direction. There is no way to resist watching in horrified fascination and not chuckle at least a little bit. We're not sure if this garners an NSFW warning, but it's probably not something you want your boss catching you watching, if only to avoid the awkward water cooler chat later. [Youtube via AutoNorth]

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What's the opinion on the "Subaru Heaven" Forester ad? I always thought the idea of not wanting to give your beloved old car to the jaws of the crusher is a very Jalopnik idea, but leaving the cars on top of a mountain instead of a junk yard seems wrong somehow.