It's got a sleek aero-kit, bronze-colored wheels, and a scoop on the hood. But, is this an STi version of the forthcoming Subaru Exiga? Have our cries been heard? Does mommy have a new rally-rocket?

Unfortunately, this almost certainly is not an Exiga STi. Even if there is a rally-tuned STi version in the pipeline, it may not even make its way across the Pacific. Actually, we're not entirely sure any of the normal Exiga models will make it over to America any time soon either. It would be somewhat of a shame if it didn't, especially if we had to keep the eyesore Tribeca around. Of course, you know how some crossovers make us feel, so we'll probably have to actually drive one before we're completely sold. Maybe by then, Subaru will actually have a real STi version, not just some sporty appearance package like this thing probably is. Because what family of hoons wouldn't want a 7-seater minivan-alternative with go-faster goodies?
[NASIOC via autoblog]