Sub-Prime BMW Crisis?

Can't afford a brand-new BMW M6 Convertible? Neither can most people, as the car costs over $100,000. But a California woman thought that she could afford to lease one. She had a good credit history. She even plunked down her $30,000 life savings for a down payment. Trouble is that she's on a fixed income: a $2500 monthly disability check. And thats a problem when the monthly lease payment is $1300. Don't forget you still have to pay for insurance and other running costs. (And most people don't like living in their cars.)

Things get sketchy when you hear that the salesperson at the dealership allegedly filled out her paperwork to initially read "$6000" as her monthly income. To top things off, that figure was later changed, supposedly behind the customer's back, to "$8600.00." Walk into some BMW dealerships and you really start moving up in the world.
[via KPIX CBS]


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