Stupid Teenager, You Can't Out-Rob A Jag Salesman

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Teenagers do stupid things sometimes, which politicians refer to as 'youthful indiscretions.' Anthony Ryan Celso, who is 18 years old and thus legally an adult, walked into a Jaguar dealership in Livermore, CA and demanded the keys to a brand new convertible (after stealing another car and robbing a check-cashing store earlier in the day). Little did he know that salesman John Salazar, who is 50 years old, was well trained in martial arts and was going to kick his ass. When the police arrived they found Celso bound by extensions cords.


Livermore Car Salesman Subdues Would-Be Convertible Thief [San Jose Mercury-News]

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@iamjames: This is not Autoblog. So please don't mention reliability ratings (yawn!). Especially when it's a story about a Jag dealer kicking ass. I would much rather take an XKR to the shop 10 times a year than have to sit in a Corolla every day.