The Blue Angels are the flight demonstration squad of the United States Navy. They are a huge attraction at airshows across the country. Well, due to budget cuts, the Blue Angels won't be flying at all this year. Stinkin' government!

As part of $28 million in budget cuts that resulted from the sequestration, the Blue Angels have been grounded for the year. Other programs, like flyovers before sporting events, might also be on the chopping block.

The Blue Angels aren't grounded forever though:

The Navy believes there is value in demonstrating the professionalism and capabilities of our Navy and Marine Corps Naval Aviation team, thus inspiring future generations of Sailors and Marines. The Navy intends to continue aerial demonstrations in the future as the budget situation permits.


Hopefully they are able to find a way to continue these shows in the near future. The Blue Angels are freaking cool.

(Hat Tip to Wedge!)