Screenshot: stickydiljoedotcom (YouTube)

Sometimes we take our modern video recording technology for granted. I know I do. Now, I can just use my phone to record a shitty video of some fireworks I’ll never watch again and it’ll be in better quality than anyone had in the ‘90s. But man did those people with VHS recorders have a e s t h e t i c.

This past weekend saw the 15th anniversary celebration of the Japanese Classic Car Show in Long Beach, California. From the photos and videos, it seems like all were welcome. Tuned, stock, American-spec and cars never offered here. Our own Andrew Collins was there, too.


Anyway, the folks at stickydiljoedotcom decided to bring a vintage JVC Compact VHS camcorder and give us all a glimpse at what such an event would have looked like in the ‘90s. And let me tell you, seeing the date stamped across the bottom and the distortion fuzzing up top brought back a lot of feels.

But in a way, I prefer this style to your typical shot-on-a-cell-phone look. Must be the nostalgia getting in my eyes. Take a look.

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