Street-Side Fiat 500 Makes Unfortunate Cameo In Aziz Ansari's Kanye West Music Video

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Comedians Aziz Ansari and Eric Wareheim, going by the names Lil Bud and Big Bud, made a music video for Kanye West’s “Famous” featuring the most unfortunate Fiat 500 cameo. I found it hilarious.

The cameo comes in at around thee 2:40 mark in the video below, which the two comedians filmed while shooting the second season of Ansari’s Master of None show in Italy and uploaded to Eric Wareheim’s Vimeo account.


There was a lot of pasta, a lot of horrible dancing, and a surprising amount of classic Fiat 500 action. I can’t decide if it’s a surprisingly little amount of Fiat 500 considering they were in Italy, or a surprisingly large amount of Fiat 500 considering it’s a video for a Kanye song.

Either way, someone needs to teach Ansari and Wareheim to treat Italian classics with a little more dignity and respect.

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Why in the fuck to people like kanye west? That music was shit.