Street Outlaws Star Daddy Dave Flips Six Times During Amarillo Drag Race

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“Daddy Dave” Comstock is best known for an insane drag truck build on a show that’s probably the worst idea on TV, but it’s impossible to ignore the fact that the stars know how to build for speed. Unfortunately, Daddy Dave’s latest Chevy II Nova build, “Goliath,” crashed at Amarillo Dragway, injuring Comstock.

Amarillo Dragway was hosting a no-prep night. “No-prep” refers to the condition of the track, not the cars. Rubber is removed from the track and no traction compound—which allows tires to stick to the surface better—is sprayed. The result is a legal event with all the benefits of being at a drag strip but a surface that feels more like a public road.


Fortunately, the drag strip’s rescue crews were able to respond quickly and Dave was quickly transported via ambulance to an Amarillo-area hospital.

Daddy Dave’s wife, Cassi Comstock, posted this update on Dave’s condition on his Facebook page:

Scan came back good. He has a serious concussion, a bruised lung, and plenty of bumps and bruises. Still doesn’t remember anything that happened. He is finally resting in his own room for at least the next 24 hours. We cannot thank everyone enough for the thoughts and prayers! I am thankful to have my husband alive! I’m sure he will be back, just need time to heal and go from there!

This longer video of the crash shows how violent it really was. Not only did the harness mount snap off, but the seat also came loose in the car. According to DragZine, additional photos from the evening showed cracks on the right side of Comstock’s helmet, suggesting an impact with the roll cage or perhaps even a loose nitrous bottle.


It’s always a good idea to reinforce mounting points for things like seats and harnesses, and to make sure everything in the interior is securely bolted down. Even lighter weight stuff can become dangerous projectiles in the event of a big crash. I know I’ll be taking a look at my 944’s pan after seeing that loose seat, too. The items that keep you securely in place in the event of a big flip, impact or spin aren’t the things you should cheap out on or gloss over in a race car. Ultra-fast, nitrous-fueled flips will do a number on any set up, though, so I’m just throwing this out there as a reminder. Check your gear, and make sure it’s installed properly.

It’s also worth noting the end of the video, too, where racers at the drag night decide to chip in to help with Daddy Dave’s medical expenses. Good people.

Our thoughts are with Comstock for a speedy recovery.

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Flavien Vidal

Just saying, but maybe having a Hans device + a proper seat would have helped not go out to the hospital...

The impact itself, was not THAT bad, what mostly hurt was the violence/rapidity of the spins.

When looking at the type of seats he uses in his builds, most certainly combined with a lack of Hans, I’m not too surprised he got a really bad concussion...

If that’s how his seat looked like, along with the total lack of Hans, well... Duh!! Of course it’s going to hurt...