Stray Dog Survives 70 MPH Impact In Grille Of Peugeot 207

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Bash a stray dog on the Italian highway at 70 MPH and you'd think the least you could do is pull over and take a look at the damage, but Marco Menozzi didn't even bother with that. Fifteen miles later he discovered the dog had survived, wedged into the smile of his Peugeot 207 with a broken leg and some bruising, but alive nonetheless. After a trip to the vet, the dog is on the mend and authorities are looking for a home for the pooch. Although we would have enjoyed this story more if it had been a Pug stuck in a Pug, we still suggest the eventual owners call him "Fortunato." Click here for a better look at the pup in the Pug. [Ananova]

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Spencer Williams

Admit it, take it out of context and the dog looks cute all snuggled up in there.

It's easy to care for dogs. They are mammals, and we like to see them as helpless, so when they get hurt, we feel empathy.

When humans get hurt, most often we blame them.

In sum, it's easier to care about dogs and other animals than it is humans. Just ask Tony Soprano.

And for the record, I love dogs, and I eat animals everyday, and my car is full of the scraped skins of bovine carcasses.

Also, just to further my case that I'm super serious all the time, if the dog didn't want to get hit by a car, she shouldn't have been wearing that miniskirt.