Storm Chaser Takes Lead In Zombie Apocalypse Challenge

We're not sure where this best fits into our many post-apocalyptic nightmare scenarios, but it's practically begging for Mad Max to drive it through a field of vampire zombies. Captured in Kansas, this bulldog-in-black is a purpose-built storm chaser with some seriously thick steel plate armor, bullet proof glass and a rotating turret up top. We're assuming it makes its home somewhere in Colorado — based on the plates on the support trucks — but that's almost beside the point, it can live wherever it wants to. But how to modify it? Good question. Our thoughts after the jump.


Our first inclination is to add flame throwers, of course. Then there has to be some form of chopping too, a couple buzz-saw blades right at head level. Oh crap. What if it's a robot apocalypse? Man, this thing makes the TIV look like amateur hour. (Thanks for the pics Adam!)

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