Stop The Presses! Ford CEO Earns More Than Blogger

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We knew the good news of slipping market share, $12.7 billion dollar losses, workforce buyouts, plant closures and general awesomeness over at Ford would pay off big, we just didn't know how big. Ford filed docs with the SEC last Thursday reporting executive bonuses will be ever so slightly bigger than the white collar and blue collar bonus - to the tune of up to 2.2 million percent! Main man with a plan Alan "Not Too New To Know Better" Mulally picked up a reported total comp package of $28.2 million with an absolutely biblical $666,667 in regular salary for the four months of toil he's racked up so far at FoMoCo. Big Balla about town Don "Must be The Money" LeClair is expected to be carrying briefcases full of cash around after pulling in a cool million dollar salary and a $3.4 million bonus. Mark "Funkmaster" Fields is laughing at us all the way to the bank with $1.3 million in salary and $4.2 million in bonus bucks. Yup, auto exec definitely pays better than blogger.

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