On Saturday night, a resident of Snowmass Village in Colorado opened the door of her car to find three bear cubs in the back seat. She was shocked, but as the town's transportation department pointed out, it was all her fault.

The pictured incident was not isolated, but rather one of a string of dangerously cute break-ins. Beginning over a week ago, one mother bear and her three cubs began breaking into a number of vehicles with food left inside.

The Snowmass Village Transportation Department issued this pointed and remarkably clear warning on Facebook for its city's residents.

Bears are breaking into cars in Snowmass Village!
Please lock your cars and try to clean all traces of food out of them.
On second thought, sell your car and ride the Village Shuttle. Beats having to clean it.
Seriously! Lock your cars. These cute little guys lives depend on you to act responsibly in bear country.

Adorable as they are, these bears may soon be breaking into homes. Bears are no laughing matter, people.


(Hat tip to $kaycog!)

Photo Credit: David Heivly/Town of Snowmass Village Transportation Department