Stolen Mustang Returned To Owner After 38 Years Of TLC By Somebody Else

There's a certain unbelievability to this story out of the city of angels. In 1970, Eugene Brakke had his shiny gold '65 Ford Mustang stolen from him. He reported the theft, but nothing came about for another 38 years. Sure he could have used the Lost Car Registry, but that takes two to tango. Little did Brakke know, but the car had been sold through a (crooked) dealer to the father of Judy Smongesky, who gave it to her as a high school graduation present. Judy has held onto and maintained the car all these years, even having two engine rebuilds and a paint job done. It wasn't until she tried to sell the car that the red flags went up.


Police notified her of the car's stolen status and put her in contact with Eugene. Happy ending: The car will be returning to the original owner in a different color with an extra 300,000 miles on it. But its heading home. Though, at this point, "home" is a relative term, since Judy owned the car for 38 years and Eugene had it only four. [Local6 News]

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