The Apple fan-boys have been all over recent spottings of Steve Jobs' parked Mercedes AMG SL 55 with no license plate. While we're more interested in how he's able to park in handicap parking spots, the fan-boy focus has been on the barcode in the empty spot where the license plate should be, and rumors that it's a super-secret-special license plate for him alone. Obviously this is just the fervent wet dreams of starry-eyed Steve cultists attempting to imbue their leader with magical law enforcement-exempting powers. It's also completely wrong. In reality, as a quick phone call from iPhoneSavior to the local CHP branch determined, Jobs isn't above the law. iPhoneSavior also found out the same thing readers of this site are already more than aware of — the barcode's nothing more than the manufacturer VIN sticker slapped on underneath the license plate. So although we don't know yet know the full reason why Steve Jobs is choosing to not display his license plate, it's certainly not because he's exempt. Phew! Glad we got this one figured out! [iPhoneSavior]


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