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Steve Fossett disappeared on September 3, 2008, leaving behind an unproven land speed record contender. It was expected that the car would shatter Thrust SSC's supersonic 763 MPH record, possibly reaching four-figure speeds.


Fossett actually purchased the car, formerly known as "Spirit of America" from Craig Breedlove, but rebuilt it almost entirely with a considerably lengthened wheelbase and wider track. Breedlove's attempt to set a record in the vehicle in 1996 was derailed by a 675 MPH crash. The vehicle is powered by a General Electric J79 jet engine putting out 22,000 Lbs of thrust.


Now, the jet car is for sale through Project 100, an action sports marketing firm based in England. It's probably the closest thing to a turnkey outright speed record vehicle that'll ever be offered for sale. [via Speedhunters]

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