Step Into The Colorful World Of Absurd Boats And $300,000 Engines

(Image Credits: Motherboard/YouTube)
(Image Credits: Motherboard/YouTube)

This mini documentary on Miami’s most powerful speedboats is actually pretty interesting and colorful, but the officially-licensed Lamborghini boat “Raging Bull” is, just, good grief.

The 48-foot “Raging Bull” catamaran (I would have called it “LamBoat”) shows up at about the 03:30 mark in the custody of Miami’s Xtreme Powerboats marine shop. The boat boasts the side mirrors, steering wheel and stickering of a Lamborghini though the engines are actually Mercury Racing 1350s, despite the Italian automaker’s name on the covers.

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That’s a nine-liter engine optimized for aquatic use (obviously) rated to, you guessed it, 1,350 horsepower. There’d be another directly left, er, port, of the one in this picture.

Larry Goldman, Xtreme Powerboats’ late proprietor, called this boat out as the fastest thing in his barn when this video was shot. Apparently that means a top speed of around 160 mph, but I’ve seen other clips claiming Raging Bull can go even faster. As an unfortunate aside, Goldman passed away a few months ago. May he race in peace.

Goldman’s resume in the aptly-named “go-fast” boating scene went all the way back to stunt driving for Miami Vice. I’m sure he would have appreciated the awesomeness of this machine as it’s captured on camera here. And the sweat on the journalist’s face as he winds it up on a test drive.

I hate to say, I have something of a love-hate relationship with these kinds of vessels myself. They’re so unbearably obnoxious to be within earshot of, but man, being behind the helm of a Cigarette, Fountain or anything similar really is a spectacularly fun experience.

Anyway, this video will help give you a better appreciation of how they’re put together.

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