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We're big fans of HBO's "Entourage," but we're even bigger fans of the BBC's "Top Gear." Thusly, it's a double win for us that Pixar is substituting TG's Jeremy Clarkson for Jeremy Piven in the UK version of Pixar's "Cars." Apparently, without a UK version of "Entourage," there's no way the Brits would get why the role of Lightning McQueen's superagent Ari Gold Harv is made for Piven's vocal strumming. By the same token, casting Clarkson in the role would be an expensive inside joke lost on mainstream US audiences, who wouldn't know Jezza from Lord Mountbatten's tennis shoes. So let's just let Clarkson and Piven hug it out, ok? (We'll catch the UK one by other, more torrential means.)

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