Step 6: Keep Your Tools Nice And Organzied

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We all know boys are messy, but real men keep their stuff nice and organized. You don't want to be waist deep in an LS1 Miata engine swap and realize you can't find the 14mm 1/2-inch socket to remove the stock engine mounts. For your hand tools a Craftsman 40 in. 12-Drawer Ball-Bearing Mobile Tool Cart ($612) should suffice and will allow for additional space should your tool collection grow over the years.

Craftsman also offers a couple of different modular storage units ranging from under $300 to over $1000 so you can set up your man cave storage however you may need for as much or as little money as you want to spend.

Congratulations, you're getting closer to building a proper man cave and with only a few more necessities, you'll be quickly be the envy of all your friends. (Image Via Flickr)


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