Step 10: Fill Your Cave With A Grown Man's Hot Wheels Collection

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No man cave is complete without some great toys and isn't this what it's all about anyhow? Whatever your budget and whatever your taste, fill your newly created man cave lair with your favorite two-wheeled, four-wheeled and winged toys. No longer are you restricted to your basement or the spare room your wife decorated with pink floral wallpaper — you've now achieved the, previously thought, impossible feat of creating your very own personal space. Use it hard. Use it often. And make sure you show it off every now and again.

Hopefully we've inspired you to start the construction process and understand that by no means does your man cave have to feature all that we've covered. Hell, it could mean that you filter through the crap in your garage to make space for that Lamborghini Espada you acquired years ago or maybe you just need a spot to build yourself a $500 space-themed LeMons car. Whatever the reason for creating your very own personal man cave; Have fun with it and make it to your personal tastes.

That is all.

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