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What Can You Learn From Mark Higgins On A Lap Of The Isle Of Man TT Course?

Mark Higgins set the speed record in a car for the Isle of Man TT course earlier this week, and now he’s back to show some quietly terrified journalists (minus Jalopnik’s own racer-correspondent Robb Holland, who is covering the event and is also incapable of fear) just how crazy you have to be to attempt such a record.


The witnesses to Higgins’ mesmerizing driving technique in the video from Driving Sports TV are Robb, Road&Track’s Bob Sorokanich, as well as some sort of elaborate iPhone mount.


Higgins drags a stock or near-stock Subaru WRX STI around the course to offer up some tips and advice on how he decimates the record time, with his latest breakthrough clocked at 17:35 in a heavily modified STI racecar.

As fun as going for a lap with Mark seems, knowing that the crew were touching at-or-over 100 mph with the driver engaging in conversation and even using his hands to converse while only inches away from stone walls and big buildings is pretty terrifying. When is it my turn?

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Would be more interested in seeing what other company’s could do with that “record” Subaru just set.