Steeling Your Seoul: Hyundai Gets Serious About Metal

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Okay, so we've been listening to nothing all morning but Accept and Paul Curran's Benicia tape comp, which was the soundtrack to one of the more romantic evenings of our early twenties. Which has us in the mood to talk about industrial parks and metal. And in some gigantic industrial park in South Korea, Hyundai's developed a sealed type of sheetmetal that'll easily resist rust for 20 years, as opposed to yer average five or six. Did you know that they shored up the sinking condos in Benicia with some kind of space-age styrofoam? Well, they did. Unt! Unt! Unt!


Hyundai Cars to Used Pre-Sealed Steel [JoongAng Daily]

Ford Working on Bio-Foam [Internal]

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