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If there's a European Chrysler to mess with, you know Brabus's Startech geeks will show up with slide-rule in hand. This time, they've set upon the Jeep Commander CRD, creating an add-on performance processor, the SD6, which โ€” along with a stainless-steel sport exhaust โ€” boosts horsepower to 262 (from 218) and torque to 427 ft.-lbs (from 376). The chip opens a world of speed โ€” ok, maybe a suburban hamlet of speed โ€” cutting zero-to-60 time from 9.0 seconds to 8.5, but increasing top speed to 124 mph. Not great for speed freaks, but pretty impressive for a diesel-powered brick.

Startech to Bring Chrysler 300 CRD Tuner to Essen [internal]