Spyker Angling to Buy Midland F1 Team

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This week's Formula One intrigue involved a rumor the Midland F1 team was preparing for a sale. Overnight, Spyker Cars released the following statement:

In reaction to various rumors in the press, Spyker Cars N.V. and the M-Consortium headed by Michiel Mol make the following statement.

Spyker Cars NV and the M-Consortium confirm that currently negotiations are taking place with the owner of Midland F1 with respect to a possible acquisition by Spyker of the Midland F1 team. The outcome of the negotiations is still depending on a number of conditions and circumstances. In the event that such acquisition would materialize, Spyker will consider a share issue to (partially) finance the transaction. M-Consortium has expressed its willingness to subscribe to this issue for a large part.

At the appropriate time further announcements will be made. In any event the acquisition will be subject to Spyker Shareholders' and Supervisory Board approval.


The world's most over-the-top carmaker and an internet millionaire teaming up on a Formula One team? This is either going to get really interesting, or someone's going to get poked in the eye. Maybe both.

[via Autoblog.nl]

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