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Sussing why GM doesn't have a serious in-house tuning shop for Chevrolet (or Pontiac, for that matter) cars in the US is probably beyond our pay grade (which isn't saying much at all). But down under in Bizarro America (sorry, mates), Holden has its HSV division, which wields Corvette V8s like Thor's mighty hammerage. They've even offered a car fitted with an LS2 juiced by famed Corvette tuner, Callaway in Connecticut and sent around the world for installation. But enough drooling. The folks at say they've caught the new Commodore VE in HSV trim — a model that'll compare to, say a Chevy version of the Cadillac CTS-V on methamphetimine. Just remember to convert from kilowatts; that's Bizarro for horsepower.

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