Volkswagen showed off its "Thunderbunny" concept at the SEMA show last November, tempting crowds of hatchies with promises of post-R32 hareiness (ouch). Of course, now we know V-dub is introducing a new R32 in the US this year. So what of the bunny? According to VW blog UK MkIVs the Golf RS above was on display at a VW corporate event. Insiders say the RS will see a limited production run of 500 to 900, with a debut expected for the Frankfurt or Essen shows later this year, ahead of a market launch in mid-'08. As for what may be under the hood. Could this be the "R36" everyone's been talking about? After all, are those not Passat R36 wheels?

Could this be the new Golf RS or RSI? [uk-mkivs via World Car Fans]

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