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Spy Photos: Undisguised BMW 3-Series Convertible

Illustration for article titled Spy Photos: Undisguised BMW 3-Series Convertible

Well, look what the spies snagged: the 2008 BMW 3-Series retractable hardtop coupe, clad in nothing but paint. We must admit, the Bayerische bunch have quite a looker on their hands. With the top up, the 3 has not a single awkward angle, as is always a risk when coaxing hardtop cabrios off the page (Volvo C70, call the front desk). None of it looks temporary; only those telltale creases give away its open-top nature. BMW must have consulted an origami master. Look for an unveiling at some upcoming car show or other.


FV Report: 2008 BMW 3 Series convertible [Edmunds Straightline Blog]

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