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Spy Photos: Saturn Vue Red Line

Winding Road's Paukert The Exclaimer reports on new spy images indicating the new Saturn Vue Red Line is nigh. And excited we should be, largely because the Opel Antara cousin will be getting a new, 3.6-liter VVT V6 producing 250 hp (@ 6,500 rpm) and 243 lb.-ft. of torque (@ 4,400 rpm) hooked to GM's new six-speed Hydra-Matic tranny. No GMC Typhoon this, though we may be surprised at how close it comes, even sans turbo.

Spied! Saturn's Next Red Line Vue!!! [Winding Road]

LA Auto Show: 2008 Saturn Vue [internal]


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my favorite car is a motorcycle

Pontiac finally got rid of all their garish plastic, so now Saturn is going to start tacking it on?

No "performance" vehicle should be offered without a manual transmission option. Sorry, an automatic with a console-mounted shift override lever doesn't cut it.

At least Saturn is on the road to improvement by marketing Opels in North America. But come on, GM could save billions by simply canning the Saturn name and importing the real thing. Instead GM continues Jackass Smith's big mistake by taking a good vehicle and applying the penny-pinching Saturn ugly syling makeover and materials downgrades.

Big 2.5: if you can't manufacture a vehicle yourselves in North America, then don't try to hide the fact underneath ugly plastic fascias and cheesy rear spoilers. There is no point to offering a good Mazda and an inferior Ford on the same chassis; a good Opel and an inferior Saturn on the same chassis; etc. You're not fooling anybody.