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Spy Photos: New Nissan Cube in Los Angeles?

This image was lost some time after publication.
This image was lost some time after publication.

Over the weekend, the Autobloggers procured shots of an unidentified, right-drive Japanese vehicle, nabbed on a commercial shoot in downtown Los Angeles. After some deduction, the determination was the box-like utility wagon is neither the next Toyota xB, nor a new Honda Element. So what, pray tell, is this bo te blanche? How about the next-gen Nissan Cube? AutoWeek reported last year Nissan was weighing the potential for the front-drive Cube in the US market as a Scion competitor. While this car is slightly larger than the current, shagadelic Cube — and sports a new, likely more crashworthy front-end — its rear design work does look strikingly Nissaneque. Anyone? Anyone?


Mystery JDM car caught in downtown LA [Autoblog]

More on Nissan's Cube: Will It Meet the Scion in the US? [internal]

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I was down on Abbot Kinney today and a Nissan Cube turned by Abbot's Habit. It was sort of this color and it had a Nissan badge on the front and the Cube name on the back.

There was a wrap around back to side window on the left side and a pillar on the right.

It was a dude driving and it was a lefthand drive car.

I came home to see what the cube was all about and all I could find were old articles saying it's coming to the US.

Sorry, I didn't take any photos like a bonehead. Looked kind of cool. Sorta Scionish.