Spy Photos: More on the Hyundai Equus, Detroit Edition

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Hyundai's upcoming rear-drive sedan, codenamed BH (aka Equus), apparently has been flaunting its Korean-made luxe all over suburban Detroit — exposing its kinky C-pillar and other salacious whatnots. While we'd heard the new executive car would hit market for MY 2008, powered by a version of Hyundai's workhorse 3.8-liter V8 V6, Winding Road reports Hyundai will offer a V8, though we're still unclear clear on its origin (i.e., homemade or sourced). As if Buick didn't have enough to worry about.


Hyundai Equus Caught In Detroit [Winding Road]

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Yeah, if that's a 'kinky' C-pillar, I think I'm gonna need a downright degenerate one to get a rise.