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You know you've totally hit a Priddy-level jackpot of test vehicle action based upon how much of a total prick the engineers driving the black vinyl-clad vehicles act in reaction to you pulling up along side snapping shots. The boys over at the GT Channel definitely hit the jackpot based entirely upon the paragraph in their report in SoCal:

"Now we're sorta bothered and decide to pass him, maybe get a few more photos and call it a day. The bastard swerves back in front us of violently one more time, nearly forcing us into oncoming traffic. We manage to sneak by the asshole, fearing for our lives at this point."

Oh, as for the vehicles, here's what else we know — they're quiet, very quiet. Are they hybrids? We're not sure — what do you think these mysterious black-clad-like-Batman vehicles might be? [Hat tip to Ray Fong!]

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