Spy Photos: C'mon, a Cadillac CTS Four-Door Convertible?

We don't see any suicide doors, but some are seeing a hardtop convertible in the image of a right-hand drive Cadillac CTS. Over at the North American Subaru Impreza Owners Club (NASIOC) forum, shots of what looks to be an '08 Cadillac CTS test car are under close scrutiny. At issue is a seemingly telltale crease and a concentration of spy-thwarting appliqué at the rear. We'd once heard (from AutoWeek) Cadillac was working on a two-door called the CTC, which could be destined for a droptop version. But we hadn't heard about anything like this. Sound off, Thomases.

A Spyshot near Detroit - Cadillac CTS 08'? 09'? [NASIOC]

Spec'ing the Cadilac CTC; Rumored! 2010 Iteration of Four-Door Chrysler 300 To Get Drop-Top Treatment? [internal]


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