Spy Photos: Audi A7 Test Mule?

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Spies caught an extreme close-up of that Audi test mule recently spotted circling the N rburgring. This time, it was caught braving the Death Valley heat. Outwardly, there's nothing new to report, but covert vehicular agents whipped out a ruler and confirmed the Audi's wheelbase is slightly shorter than that of the A6, which Edmunds Inside Line interprets as evidence the mule hides the underpinnings of a new model, the A7, which will be of the "four-door coupe" variety. They also caught an interior shot, which may hint at the new model's more radical dash design. Or it may hint at engineers' taste in sweaters, it's hard to tell.


Spy photos: 2009 Audi A7 [Edmunds Straightline Blog]

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