Spy Photos: At the Side of the Nurburgring

The guys from Autoholic staked out a few choice roadside posts and caught several of this week's N rburgring testers as they rounded various corners in the woodlands, roaring like wounded (or amorous) cheetahs. There's the Audi R8, Mercedes AMG CLK 63 Black Series and Porsche GT2 and BMW M3. We'd imagine if they ever built condos along that stretch of road, the spy photos could pay the mortgage.

Nuerburgring oktober 2006 Spyshots [Autoholic]

Spy Video: AMG Black Series on the 'Ring; Spy Photos: More on the Porsche GT2; Audi Builds a Car for Our Wives: More From the R8 Reveal; Encino Man Captures New M3 on Video [internal]


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