Spy Photos: Alfa Romeo 159 GTA, For Real?

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The last time someone claimed spy shotage on the yet-unconfirmed Alfa Romeo 159 GTA, the subject looked more like a victim of Pep Boys abuse than a legitimate prototype. But new photos of a quad-exhaust 159 in telltale cladding were recently caught as it rounded the telltale Nürburgring. According to Australia's Drive.com.au, an Alfa insider confirmed the 159's platform could handle a V8. That makes the thought of a Ferrari-bred 4.3-liter screamer, over Alfa's Q4' all-wheel-drive system — which can direct 72 percent of power to the front wheels or 78 percent to the rear — that much more tantalizing. Some say Geneva '08 is where the GTA will appear first. We'll take our chances. [Thanks to Greg for the tip.]


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Avantime-M5-535d-Morrs Minor

hang on, i think thats the same car as last time, with differnt shoes on - its got black tape where all the alfa badges were on the first car...